Hello, I'm Rohan Sohoni from Mumbai, India. I'm currently a high school senior at PACE Junior Science College in Andheri, Mumbai.

I hold a firm conviction that digital technology plays a pivotal role in addressing some of the most challenging issues in our world today. With a keen interest in Computer Science, I'm enthusiastic about acquiring the skills to create innovative solutions, particularly in the context of neurodiversity.

I believe in the power of hard-work and perseverance and upholding honesty and ethics in all activities. I feel that collaborative efforts and keeping in mind the greater good for all in any effort always bears fruit.

I've trained professionally in swimming and regularly participate in swim meets, both as a representative of my high school and my club.

Aside from my affinity for the water, I'm a dedicated enthusiast of Rock and Pop music. I channel this passion by strumming my electric guitar and playing my favorite tunes, which I find incredibly fulfilling.

I have been learning and practicing Taekwondo for over 10 years and I like to share my expertise by training upcoming Taekwondo enthusiasts. I also contribute my time as a volunteer at the Seva Sahayog Foundation by conducting “self-defense” workshops for underprivileged adolescent girls.

And when I need to unwind and let my hair down, I'm either getting lost in a good book or traveling with my family. It's the perfect stressbuster and motivation booster!

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Code Campers

In the world of digital natives, my colleagues and I yearn to be sherpas. In this club, we ideate and self-learn the new paradigms of computer programming that are low-code, cloud-native, and leverage AI. We explore the digital masterpieces that are made in India viz. AADHAAR and UPI.

We also conduct sessions for middle school students and introduce them to the world of coding and data analytics.

Trainings and Certifications

I find online microlearning platforms very effective for skill development. During my junior year, I completed the following courses in data science and AI. In addition I also learnt Computer Vision Fundamentals and Data Analysis with Sheets from Google Cloud.

Python for Data Science and AI

Supervised Machine Learning: Regression and Classification

Advanced Learning Algorithms


Image Classification with Computer Vision

In the summer vacation after my sophomore year in High School, I was eager to learn and apply my learnings in computer vision. The primary objective of the project at Aditya Green was to leverage data from sensors and drone imagery for optimizing solar panel performance and creating cleaning schedules. I learnt how to conduct a data quality assessment, identify missing values, and apply appropriate imputation methods. Furthermore, I observed techniques for identifying correlations between power generation and panel occlusion.

Optical Character Recognition with Computer Vision

The objective was to digitize a variety of printed documents containing transaction details written in Hindi language. The information extracted could then be used for credit scoring, thus promoting financial inclusion.

We leveraged a dataset that has Hindi words printed in various fonts and backgrounds, trained to identify common words and numbers. To enhance the training set, we applied data augmentation using Python packages. While accuracy on numbers and simple words was close to 95%, joint letters required significantly more data capture and further training.

Swimming: From a Comforting Hobby to a Passionate Pursuit

Back in the summer of 2012, my family and I moved into a new home and, as a five-year-old, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed by this major life change. The only source of solace for me was my swimming classes. They allowed me to not only make new friends but also discover a way to achieve inner peace.

As I began participating in swim meets, I realized that I needed professional coaching. This, along with my academics, was a challenge. But, with the support of my parents and friends, I managed and even enjoyed the journey.

Today, I still love spending time in and around the pool, so much so that I now represent my high school and club in swim meets.

Day in The Life of Highschool Swimmer

Let me tell you about my superhero routine from middle and high school. I'd spring out of bed at 5:30am and hustle to school for a grueling 7-hour session. After a quick recharge and relaxation hour at home, I'd crush most of my homework between 2 and 3pm, then bolt to swim class. Our 3:30 to 4pm dry-land exercise was just a warm-up for the 2-hour endurance swim practice that left me drained. But that was just the weekdays! On Fridays and weekends, I hit the gym to pump up specific muscles with drills. And let's not forget about the diet. To keep my energy up, I chowed down on 3 eggs and 6 bananas a day, plus chicken breast 3 times a week. My dietician did weekly check-ins to make sure I was getting the right nutrients and hooked me up with supplements as needed. After practice, I refueled with a bowl of rice and dal before diving into guitar or studying. Some days, I even got to chill with friends.

Catching Waves with

Caeleb Dressel

My passion for swimming increased exponentially in the year 2018, when I started swimming professionally. Coincidentally, that’s the same year that Caeleb Dressel broke the 50-yard freestyle World Record. He is one of the few swimmers who has gone sub-18 seconds in the race, with a phenomenal timing of 17.63s. I’ve seen his interviews and it’s really telling that he maintains a commendable amount of discipline in his training. His videos on his race-analysis, an important step in improving one’s performance, are very insightful and provide a base for me to analyze my own swimming races. I always feel energized and motivated to watch his races. These days, almost every single race is neck-to-neck with each swimmer better than the rest. The winners are usually just a little luckier than the rest. But in case of Caeleb Dressel, he always has a clear lead over his opponents, even in the 50m Freestyle race which is the most competitive of all. It’s not at all easy to win 5 gold medals in one Olympics AND break either a world record or an Olympic record. At the age of 26, he’s still hungry to haul more medals, in spite of all he’s already achieved so far; It’s a true testament of his perseverance and grit. In fact, he’s said, “Nothing but death can stop perseverance.”

Discovering discipline through the martial art - Taekwondo

Growing with the art

Taekwondo for me is beyond just a martial art, it’s my way of life. The discipline inculcated through this has helped me remain honest and composed in good times and bad.


Taekwondo tournaments - beyond competition, they've been a treasure trove of learning. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds and dojangs has broadened my horizons and enriched my social circle.


I am committed to training a batch of middle school children to learn this sport and enhance their physical fitness. Over time this has also resulted in boosting their confidence and being more attentive to their academics.

Self-defense Workshops

Kishori Vikas Project - Bhavana School

Teaching practical self-defense to young girls with the 'Kishori Vikas Project' -

I'm honored to be involved with the 'Seva Sahayog Foundation's 'Kishori Vikas Project.' It was a pleasure to conduct interactive sessions with the young participants and instruct them on practical self-defense techniques. The eagerness and positive response of these girls to learn and drive change were truly inspiring.

Kishori Vikas Project - Kanya Varg

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan -was excited to equip this group with the mindset and techniques for self-defense. It was humbling to see their interest and excitement. The connections made will continue to flourish. Looking forward to hearing about their future successes.

Girija Welfare Association

Girija Welfare Association provides shelter and education to orphan boys in the age group of 10 to 16. For meaningful integration with the society, it is important that they feel physically safe. Conducted sessions for about 30 boys.

The participants were enthusiastic about learning and engaging. Empowering these kids will go a long way in building their confidence for their life ahead.

Radianz Preschool & Daycare

The preschool staff bears an extra responsibility of ensuring the safety of the children under their supervision. These strategies have aided them in cultivating the essential skills and collaborative approaches needed to respond as a team in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Music & Me

My music journey started with the keyboard, which although was fun to play, didn’t quite seem my type. After a year, I decided to embark on a journey of learning the guitar. It was fun playing the acoustic guitar, though initially, it does hurt your fingertips. Over the years I started understanding the language of music better. I went from playing basic melodies to more complex ones after learning concepts such as Intervals and Tensions, Scales, etc. I also switched from the acoustic to the electric guitar as I got into Hard Rock and Metal music.

I found the electric guitar to be more versatile than an acoustic guitar. I connect it to an amplifier and pedals, to customize the sound. I go for the distortion channel on the amplifier to get that gritty metal song sound. I spent time during the lockdown learning the rock songs and eventually completed Grade 4 of Rock & Pop exam by Trinity College of London.

I've always had a deep appreciation for Van Halen, the American rock band that burst onto the scene in 1978. What draws me to their music is its timeless quality – even though they produced most of their iconic songs in the 80s and 90s, their music resonates across decades and still captures the hearts of countless hard rock and metal fans worldwide.

Van Halen's ability to transcend eras and captivate audiences with their distinctive sound has had a significant impact on my own musical journey. I've been inspired to experiment with unconventional guitar techniques and patterns, much like Eddie Van Halen, to infuse that sense of uniqueness into my own playing. Their ability to break free from convention and still produce incredible music has encouraged me to explore uncharted territories in my own musical expression.

Globe Trotting with Family

The White House
Petronas Twin Towers
Palace of Versailles
Ladakh, India
Ratnagiri, India


Apoorva Thatte, Mentor

It has been a source of immense joy to witness Rohan, my nephew, grow from a lively preschooler to a confident high school senior. Throughout his school years, Rohan has pursued his interests in a variety of fields, be it competitive swimming, playing the guitar or being a voracious reader of a wide range of books. His interests have helped him develop excellent communication skills, focus, determination and most importantly, an open mind. Even more noteworthy is his curiosity to learn about various emerging technologies and his relentless drive to delve deeper into their conceptual foundations. I've had the privilege of guiding Rohan in his pursuit of knowledge, and it's been gratifying to witness his commitment to understanding complex concepts and applying them in innovative ways. His inquisitiveness in exploring the practical applications of these cutting-edge technologies and his ability to relate them to his own experiences have provided me with ample food for thought. Given his unwavering passion and determination, I have no doubt that he will achieve his academic and career aspirations.

Jimmy Alexander,

Guitar Tutor

I've been a guitar teacher for 14 years, and Rohan has quickly risen to be one of my top 5 students. His dedication and drive are truly remarkable. Rohan consistently goes above and beyond, exploring new ideas and lessons on his own, making each session a new learning experience. He pays meticulous attention to detail, listens exceptionally well, and demonstrates a high level of respect and kindness. It's a privilege to be his guitar tutor. I'm confident that with his talent and work ethic, Rohan has a bright future in music ahead of him.

Rohan leads self-defense workshops that are both enlightening and engaging. The classroom atmosphere is charged with enthusiasm. These sessions have not just enhanced the self-assurance of Kishoris (adolescent girls) but also provided them with a window into the broader world beyond their home and school.

Savita shinde,

seva sahayog foundation

Akshohini priyankar,


Rohan and I have been friends for about seven years and he's one of the brightest and most creative people I know. With a penchant for learning and exploring new avenues of research and experimentation, I've seen his curiosity grow over the past seven years since we met in middle school. He is hardworking and incredibly positive with the greatest 'can-do' attitude I've ever seen. A role model amongst peers, I consider him to be a great friend and inspiration to me considering his disciplined work ethic and drive. Passionate about the sciences and theories of thought, every conversation I've ever had with him has been great fun and a cure to a gloomy mood. A well rounded, compassionate and friendly individual, he's one of the best friends a student could ask for.

Aditya Venkatraman


I have been Rohan’s classmate since 9th grade. He is a well-spoken, intellectual, and athletic person. In Rohan, I find a role model as a student, a friend, and a good human being. Rohan is highly disciplined and extremely sincere. Rohan consistently abides by the rules, displaying unmatched sincerity and respect. He has an admirable "never give up" attitude. He relentlessly tries till he succeeds. In addition to academics, he is a fine sportsperson, and a caring friend. All these attributes are sure to take him to great heights and I wish the very best in all future endeavors.

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